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Steps - Scud: - Material 2 (Vinyl)

  1. Zologor
    The pigment for paint is both man-made and natural it is made by crushing minerals into a fine powder-like texture. It is meant to be mixed with water, oil, or another base along with solvents, additives, and resins to for the paste needed to create what is known as paint.


  2. Dogor
    Ensure the blade is taped off with electrical tape, vinyl or nail polish to protect the steel! I've ruined a few knives with the odd drip somewhere it wasn't suppose to be.:S Use a cotton Q-tip to soak up a bit of acid. Apply the acid to the steel in the stencil. Same timeline or .


  3. Tutaxe
    Once your vehicle is clean and dried, you need to protect the trim pieces with a quality rubber, vinyl, and plastic protectant. This will help prevent future UV degradation, which is the primary cause of fading. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant and Aerospace Protectant are both exceptional products. They both provide excellent UV protection.


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